Final countdown at PGZ Naval Shipyard construction site

ORP Albatros

It is the final straight before the completion of the Hull Hall and the Production Hall at the PGZ Naval Shipyard site. The configuration of the cranes and the installation of the last façade details are currently taking place. Most of the work underway at the moment is mainly finishing work. The investment, worth more than PLN 300 million, will be completed in just a few weeks.

– The PGZ Military Shipyard’s Hull Hall will be one of the largest facilities of its kind in Europe. It is here that the hulls of the Miecznik frigates will be built. The investment started in March 2023, and already in December this year we reached the highest construction point,” says Maciej Poprawski, Operations Director at PGZ SW responsible for supervising the investment. – The height of the hall in which the hulls of the Miecznik frigates will be built is 43 metres, and including the ventilation unit mounted on the roof it is even 46 metres. The giant gates of the hall have similar dimensions: 43 metres high and 34 metres wide, which can be compared to the surface area of two basketball courts. The installed cranes are capable of lifting up to 100 tonnes. The construction area of the Hull Hall is almost 6,000 m2,” calculates Maciej Poprawski.

Finishing works are in full swing

– The Hull Hall is now closed and the finishing work is mainly continuing. All the windows and doors have been installed. Both large-area gates are also operational,” says Piotr Gosch, Works Manager from the NDI Group.

In addition to the Hull Hall, the Production Hall, which occupies nearly 5,000 m2, is also under construction. It will house all the shipyard’s outfitting departments. The adjacent 4-storey office building will house the social facilities for the employees of the production departments and will be the Company’s headquarters.

Final surfacing works

Pavement work is virtually complete on the site. The contractor estimates the progress of the works at 98%.

– We are in the process of carrying out finishing work on the entrances to the buildings. Work is also underway to create expansion joints in the concrete pavements that have been laid. This is also the final stage in the process of creating these surfaces. All the pavements and floors are made with technologies allowing for transfer of huge loads from future vehicles transporting elements of ships,” says Przemysław Młynarczyk, Road Works Manager at the NDI Group.

The concrete floor in the Hull Hall with a strength of 20t/m2 is already ready. Work has also begun on laying a layer of anti-electrostatic and anti-slip resin on the floor in the Production Hall: – ‘This is the last layer, you could say “lining”, when it comes to the surface in this Hall,’ adds Przemysław Młynarczyk. The technical infrastructure, the quay and the internal roads are being rebuilt. All road works are expected to be completed by the end of June.

The project’s investor is PGZ Stocznia Wojenna, and the general contractor is a consortium comprising NDI S.A., NDI SOPOT S.A. and Pekabex BET. The value of the task is over PLN 300 million.


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