The second electric ferry for Norway launched


Remontowa Shipbuilding SA from Remontowa Holding capital group launched another double-sided passenger-car ferry with battery-powered hybrid electric drive. It is the second in a series of four units, which will go to one of the largest ferry carriers in Norway – Norled.

The launching procedure was the same as in the case of unit number one, launched last year. After the dock was moored to the quay and leveled, the ship was moved from the assembly yard to the dock, and in the second stage the hull was launched by draining the dock.

The ferry is being built under a contract signed in 2018. In Remontowa Shipbuilding SA four fully equipped vessels of this type are being built (construction number B619/1-4).

To minimize energy consumption

These are modern double-sided battery-powered ferries, designed to minimize energy consumption, which consists of, among others:

  • LED-type lighting,
  • power supply systems for equipment based on frequency converters,
  • energy-efficient ventilation and air conditioning systems,
  • paint in the underwater part of the hull minimizing friction,
  • lightweight construction of the ship and a specially developed hull shape to reduce resistance in water.

Each of the ferries will be equipped with two PM-engine azimuthal thrusters and two generator sets. In standard mode of operation all power will be drawn from batteries, which will be recharged during the berth, which is to last only 11 minutes.

Thrusters will be “pulling type” units with built-in electric motors, driven by permanent magnets, providing high efficiency even at very low load. Generators will run on bio-diesel in case of a battery system failure.

The project was carried out by the LMG Marin design office and the working documentation by Marine Design & Consulting (RMDC) from the Remontowa Holding group. Other companies of this group are also involved in the construction of the ferries (Remontowa Electrical Solutions, Remontowa Hydroster Systems, Remontowa Coating & Equipment and Remontowa Lighting Technologies).

After the launch of the B619/2 ferry, the work on the B619/2 continues with the equipping of on-board and other equipment systems supporting the propulsion system, as well as passenger and crew rooms.

Work on the series of B619 ferries for the Norwegian ship owner will be very intensive next month. The fitting out of the first vessel (B619/1) has entered its final phase. In the first half of March there will be sea trials, and at the end of the month it is planned to hand over the finished ferry. The launch of the third unit (B619/3) is planned for the third decade of March – this time it is to be a side-launch from the slipway.

Let us recall that over the last 20 years the shipyards of Remontowa Holding group have delivered 114 fully equipped vessels of different types to shipowners. In this number there are 41 passenger-car ferries, 26 of which were built for the Norwegian market.

Currently, there are 18 vessels in the production programme of Remontowa Shipbuilding SA , including mine destroyers, specialized tugboats for the Polish Navy, multi-purpose vessels, icebreakers and ferries. Seven of them are low emission vessels (including four above mentioned battery-powered hybrid ferries and two PSV and LNG-powered ferries).

In 2013, Remontowa Shipbuilding delivered to Norled low emission ferries Ryfylke and Hardanger, equipped with propulsion systems operating exclusively on LNG (or CNG in case of main power system failure). The hybrid electric ferries (114.40 m in total length and 17.70 m in maximum width) are currently being built there and will be sailing in the Norwegian fjord area serving the Festøya-Solavågen and Mannheller-Fodnes connection.


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