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Poles want diversification of gas supply sources

In the opinion of the vast majority of Poles, Poland should diversify its gas supply sources as soon as possible. Breaking dependence on a single…

Remontowa LNG Systems Sp. z o.o. has launched a new R&D and industrial project

Remontowa LNG Systems Ltd. announced that effective from December 1, 2017 it commenced implementing of the new pilot project called “Construction of a pilot docking…

America stands ready to supply Poland with more LNG

During his visit in Poland, American President Donald Trump declared readiness to sign a long-term liquefied natural gas deal between Poland’s and the US’ companies….

One million barrels of Iranian oil for PKN Orlen

PKN ORLEN has purchased 1 million barrels of Iranian Light oil – the Polish oil company said in the statement released on 14 December 2016….

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