President: Nord Stream 2 settles Russian-German interests

Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline settles Russian-German interests, but threatens the interests of the rest, not only the EU, but also, for example, Ukraine, President Andrzej Duda stressed on Sunday. He added that this is why Poland diversifies its gas supplies, so that the country is not dependent on only one supplier, i.e. Russia.

The President emphasized on Sunday in TVP Info that it is difficult to perceive the issue of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline construction in a positive light.

This is certainly a very negative project for our part of Europe and the European Union in general. It settles Russian-German interests, but threatens the interests of the rest, not only of the EU, but also of Ukraine,’ he said.

Andrzej Duda added that in the perspective of this investment it is crucial to ensure gas supplies to Polish consumers. He pointed out that without diversification of gas supplies, Poland could find itself in “energy trouble” if, for example, Nord Stream 2 was used to bypass the Yamal pipeline, which could stop flowing with gas.

Therefore, we are providing alternative sources of supply so that we are secure. If necessary, we will build another gas port (in Gdańsk – PAP). If necessary, we will build another one – he added.

Nord Stream 2, consisting of two pipelines, is almost fully completed. Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states, among others, oppose the construction, stressing that the completion of the project will increase Europe’s dependence on gas imports from Russia and expand the Kremlin’s political influence on European politics. Germany, Austria and several other EU countries support the project.

In the future, 55 billion cubic metres of natural gas is to be pumped annually from Russia to Germany through Nord Stream 2’s two pipelines, each about 1,200 km long.



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