Ukrainian grain will not flow to Poland

Ukrainian grain will not flow to Poland, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Robert Telus said after a conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart. He added, details will be announced on Monday.

Minister Telus said that he had spoken by telephone with his Ukrainian counterpart Mykola Solski. “Everything is agreed i.e. that Ukrainian grain will not flow to Poland so that it will be unloaded in Poland,” – he informed. He added that “the decision was made at the meeting at the border in Dorohusk, and now we were just catching up on the matter”.

Telus informed that the Ukrainian Minister of Agriculture will come to Poland on Monday.

– ‘We have settled a very important matter and I hope that on Monday we will already announce it officially,’ Telus indicated.

Earlier, at a press conference in the morning, the head of the agriculture ministry announced that Poland and five frontline countries (the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary) were preparing a letter to the European Union commissioners regarding grain from Ukraine. He also said that at the forthcoming Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRIFISH), to be held later in April, Poland and the other five countries want to come forward with one position, as a group.

– If Poland or Slovakia or any of the countries come forward, it has less clout on its own than if we come forward as a group of six countries, a group of these frontline countries. I think it will have more power to make some changes,” the agriculture minister said. – ‘We are talking about making some changes concerning those frontline countries that are bearing the biggest cost of helping Ukraine at the moment,’ he added.

The minister also referred to the possibility of introducing tools on our own, such as a ban on unloading Ukrainian grain in Poland.

– If we would like to introduce such tools without the consent (of the EU – PAP) we are breaking European law,” he said.

The Minister of Agriculture Robert Telus met with the Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine Mykola Solski in Dorohusk on Friday, 7 April. After the meeting, he reported that the Ukrainian side “has made a proposal to very strongly limit for a certain period of time, and for the moment even to stop the arrival of grain to Poland completely”. Telus stressed that the transit of grain from Ukraine through Poland will be “very strongly monitored by both the Polish and Ukrainian sides, so that no grain is left in Poland”.

On Tuesday, a meeting was held with the participation of agricultural organisations from five countries that also have problems with the inflow of products from Ukraine. After the meeting, Telus announced that he intends to make a joint appeal to his counterparts from these countries to change the EU’s position on duty-free products and goods from Ukraine.


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