Polish shipbuilding industry in figures 2016

Remontowa Ship Repair Yard SA in Gdańsk in 2017. Photo: courtesy of Remontowa SA
Remontowa Ship Repair Yard SA in Gdańsk in 2017.
Photo: courtesy of Remontowa SA

Forum Okrętowe (eng.: The Association of Polish Maritime Industries), the largest employers union of the shipbuilding sector in Poland has revealed statistical data, worked out in close cooperation with PortalMorski.pl – Polandatsea.com and – in some extend – containing estimates from Gdansk-based CTO (Ship Research Centre), related to the performance, size and structure of Polish shipbuilding industry in 2016.

1Last year in Poland 12 fully outfitted (turn-key delivery) vessels were delivered, accounting for a total of 68 004 compensated gross tons (CGT), with 60 % of this production coming from member yards of Forum Okrętowe. As of the end of 2016 the newbuilding orders portfolio contained, according to findings of Forum Okrętowe and PortalMorski.pl-Polandatsea.com, 21 turn-key delivery vessels, with a total capacity of 140 214 CGT.

2According to initial estimates of CTO, Polish yards repaired, upgraded or converted approximately 560 ships in 2016 (this number included some extensive, large conversion projects). Here the share of the Forum Okrętowe members was slightly above 50 %. In terms of sales value, according to estimates of Forum Okrętowe, the market share was roughly as follows: Forum Okrętowe – approx. 40%, state-owned shipbuilding group – approx. 10 % and the remaining entities – 40 %.

3When one takes into consideration the product mix (in terms of sales value shares), it is estimated, that newbuildings account for 19 %, repairs and conversions – for 16 % and supplies of equipment and services (excluding ship repairs) amount for 65 %.

Within Forum Okrętowe membership, suppliers of equipment and services hold 46 % of total sales value, newbuilding yards – 30 % and repair yards – 20 %, while ship design companies and R&D centres have 4 % share in total sales of member companies of Forum Okrętowe.

Total sales value in the companies – members of Forum Okrętowe, in 2016 amounted to nearly PLN 6,7 bn (EUR 1,6 bn) of which marine sector sales amounted to PLN 4,2 bn (EUR 1,05 bn).

These companies, in total, employ almost 11 300 persons on permanent contracts of employment, of which 7625 in maritime sector operations (not counting associate members of Forum Okrętowe).

Total employment within Forum Okrętowe member companies is divided into newbuilding yards – 19 %, repair and conversion yards – 25 %, ship design consultants and R&D centres – 11 %, services and equipment suppliers – 39 % and associate members – 6 %.


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