Partly-equipped seiner handed over to Norwegian shipyard by Marine Projects

Marine Projects Ltd’s Gdansk shipyard has handed over another partially equipped fishing vessel, this time a seiner, custom-built for the Norwegian shipyard Larsnes Mek Verksted. Its towing to Norway began on Sunday.

It is a vessel ordered from the Norwegian shipyard in December 2021 (originally – when the contract was signed – it was assumed that the vessel would be handed over to the shipowner in August 2023) of design SK-3151 by ship design and consulting bureau Skipskompetanse AS.

The vessel, with construction number 72 and to be named Jarle Berg, left the Marine Projects and Gdansk shipyard on the tow of the tug Serval (IMO No. 7636365; main propulsion power 1942 kW / 2640 hp; bollard pull 45 T) on Sunday, 22 October, after waiting for the weather to improve in the southern Baltic Sea. The vessel was launched on 18 September this year.


The vessel is to be used for purse seine fishing, i.e., a purse seiner, but alternatively, it will also be able to fish with spinner fishing, i.e., hook lines (the designer refers to the vessel as a purse / Danish seiner).

The vessel is designed with an optimised hull shape, a large diameter fixed pitch propeller, a two-stage gearbox, a variable speed alternator, a ‘take me home’ propulsion solution and a battery bank with a capacity of approximately 1 MWh. The vessel will also have tanks to carry fish, including live fish, in refrigerated seawater (RSW) tanks and the ability to freeze fish in boxes.


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