Gdansk: Firefighters have sealed a gas leak from a container on board a ship

Baltic Hub Gdansk

Firefighters completed operations on the Majestic Maersk ship at the container terminal in Gdansk on Wednesday night. They sealed the gas leak and secured the tank container. Twenty-one people were evacuated from the ship and the container terminal following the gas leak.

– We have completed the operations. We have sealed the leak. The container with the tank is now in a safe place, placed in a special bath. The loading of the vessel has also been checked for the presence of the leaking substance – reported the press officer of the Gdańsk Fire Brigade, Brigadier Jacek Jakóbczyk.

Fire brigade operations at the Baltic Hub container terminal (formerly DCT Gdańsk) ended on Wednesday before midnight. There were no casualties.

Services were notified of a gas leak from one of the containers on the Majestic Maersk vessel at the container terminal on Wednesday at around 19:40

Firefighters marked a danger zone near the ship and evacuated 21 people (15 from the ship and six terminal staff).

– It turned out to be most likely nitrous oxide and was contained in a container on the ship. In connection with this incident, we have dispatched five depots from the Gdansk headquarters, a depot from the Florian harbour fire brigade and an additional four depots from the specialist chemical rescue group from Gdynia. A total of ten deputies are on the scene,” said Brigadier Jakóbczyk during the operation on Wednesday.

The leaking gas was nitrous oxide – used in medicine and the chemical industry.

Jakóbczyk reported on Wednesday that due to the nature of the substance and the leak’s location, there was no danger to the entire terminal area – apart from the zone designated by firefighters within the ship.



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