Third stage of PERN fuel depots expansion


PERN continues the expansion of its fuel depots within the third stage of this project. The company announced a tender for the selection of a contractor for 8 more tanks with a total capacity of 256,000 cubic metres at the depots in Nowa Wieś Wielka, Boronów, Rejowiec, as well as at the base in Dębogórze, connected by a pipeline to the transshipment terminal at the Port of Gdynia.

“PERN has made as many as 13 fuel tanks available to its customers over the last three years, it is currently building 7 new ones and is just starting a tender procedure for the selection of a contractor for another 8 tanks” – the company communicated on Thursday.

The project is being implemented according to the assumptions of the third stage of PERN’s fuel depots expansion.

The company explained that the just announced tender relates to the construction of tanks with a capacity of 32,000 cubic metres each in four locations: one at the fuel depot in Nowa Wieś Wielka, three at the depot in Rejowiec and two tanks each at the depots in Boronów and the one connected to the Gdynia port in Dębogórze. Offers in the procedure can be submitted until 24 November.

“The third stage of PERN’s fuel depots expansion assumes in the second phase the construction of as many as 8 tanks with the total capacity of 256 thousand cubic metres for the storage of third class petroleum products together with the accompanying infrastructure”. – The company emphasised.

PERN stressed that the construction of further tanks at its fuel depots “is the company’s response to market needs and a significant increase in interest in the services provided”. “The new storage infrastructure will allow for the storage of intervention stocks and more flexible fuel trading” – the information highlighted.

At the same time, the company recalled that the ongoing expansion of storage capacities is part of the Megainvestment Programme implemented there, whereby the first stage included the construction of 4 tanks with a total capacity of 128,000 cubic metres at the fuel depots in Koluszki and Nowa Wies Wielka, while the second stage – recently completed – includes 9 new tanks with a total capacity of 222,000 cubic metres in six locations – at the depots in Debogórz, Rejowiec, Boronów, Koluszki, Emilianów and Małaszewicze.

“Currently the first phase of the third stage is underway, i.e. the construction of 7 tanks, with a total capacity of 224,000 cubic metres.” – PERN added.

The company previously announced that these facilities will be built at its product depots in Koluszki, Nowa Wieś Wielka and Dębogórze.

According to PERN, capital expenditure there in 2016-20 amounted to more than PLN 1.5 billion. The vast majority of these funds covered priority projects, including under the strategic Megainvestment Programme. The company announced in August that its outlays related to the Megainvestment Programme will amount to nearly PLN 340 million this year. Referring to the effects of the ongoing projects, including the Mega-Investment Programme, PERN said then that it has about 4.1 million cubic metres of storage capacity for crude oil and about 2.2 million cubic metres for fuels.

PERN is a state-owned entity, strategic for Poland’s energy security, responsible for e.g. pumping crude oil through pipelines to domestic refineries: PKN Orlen in Płock and Lotos Group in Gdańsk, as well as to two refineries in Germany, and for the storage of both crude and liquid fuels at depots across the country. The company also provides fuel transport services, including petrol, diesel and heating oil.



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