Viking Mars in Gdansk

Viking Mars is an ocean-going ship built this year by Viking Cruises, a Swiss shipowner with its capital roots in Norway. On Tuesday, 19 July, it moored at the Westerplatte quay in Gdansk. It remained there for several hours.

The keel for the slightly more than 228-metre-long Viking Mars ship was laid in February 2021 at the Italian Fincantieri shipyard. The vessel is classified as a small cruise ship. It has 465 cabins with accommodation for 930 passengers. The ship’s interior was designed by a team from London-based SMC Design and Los Angeles-based Rottet Studio, which gave it a modern and elegant design. The ship features spacious suites, two swimming pools (one aft), restaurants, and a spa with a sauna and snow grotto.

According to Fincantieri, all vessels in the ‘Viking’ series (Viking Star, Viking Sea, Viking Sky, Viking Orion, Viking Jupiter, Viking Venus, Viking Mars, Viking Neptune and Viking Saturn) have energy-efficient engines, optimised hydrodynamics and hull to reduce fuel consumption, as well as systems to minimise pollution produced by exhaust gases, meeting the strictest environmental regulations.

Viking Mars spent 12 hours in the Port of Gdansk. It made its way from Poland to the Ă…land Islands.



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