The 100th shipment of LNG for PGNiG from Qatar has arrived in Świnoujście

PGNiG has taken delivery of its 100th LNG shipment from Qatargas, the Polish Oil and Gas Company said on Saturday. The Al Shamal gas carrier delivered about 120 million cubic metres of natural gas to the Świnoujście gas port after regasification under a long-term contract, it added.

“Today we received the 100th LNG delivery from our partner Qatargas! The Al Shamal gas carrier delivered approximately 120 million cubic metres of natural gas (volume after regasification) to the LNG terminal under a long-term contract with PGNiG. We are moving on!” – the company indicated on Twitter on Saturday. “We are not slowing down. Just yesterday a ship with the first cargo of LNG for PGNiG arrived at the Klaipeda terminal, and today another gas carrier called at Świnoujście,” PGNiG CEO Iwona Waksmundzka-Olejniczak stressed, quoted in a message accompanying the company’s Twitter post on Saturday.

This is the best proof, Waksmundzka-Olejniczak added, “that we are constantly diversifying natural gas supplies to Poland and maximizing the possibilities of using the available capacity of the gas port, ensuring energy security to our customers.”

PGNiG added that Saturday’s delivery was the second shipment of liquefied natural gas received in Swinoujscie by the company since the beginning of May and the 100th to arrive from Qatar since the launch of the Polish gas port.

According to PGNiG, on Saturday the methane carrier Al Shamal delivered a cargo of about 90,000 tonnes, or nearly 200,000 cubic metres, of LNG to the terminal named after President Lech Kaczynski. “Thus, it increased the overall supply pool from Qatar, which currently amounts to about 20.9 million cubic metres of LNG,” – it was noted.

It was recalled that since the beginning of this year, six ships from Qatar, eight from the US and two from Nigeria have called at Poland. “Saturday’s LNG delivery is the 164th since the start of operation of the Świnoujście gas port,” – PGNiG reported.


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