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PKN Orlen strengthens links with suppliers from Persian Gulf

​ The United Arab Emirates is a new source of oil supplies to PKN Orlen. This time the refinery in Płock will receive one million…

EFRA Project in LOTOS refinery reaches halfway point

The progress of the EFRA Project (Effective Refinery) to construct a huge complex of units in the Grupa LOTOS refinery reached a halfway point taking…

Another delivery of Iranian oil for ORLEN arrived in Gdansk

In August last year, Gdansk handled the largest tanker in the port’s history, which brought nearly 300,000 tonnes of Iranian oil for the Lotos Refinery….

One million barrels of Iranian oil for PKN Orlen

PKN ORLEN has purchased 1 million barrels of Iranian Light oil – the Polish oil company said in the statement released on 14 December 2016….

Tankers with Iranian crude oil reached Gdańsk

Atlantas and Calida tankers, together transporting 2m barrels (almost 300,000 tonnes) of Iranian crude oil for Grupa Lotos, reached the Nafroport in Gdańsk on Monday…

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