Restore Polish flag! [VIDEO]


We present a movie on restoring the Polish flag instead of a convenient flag on Polish-owned merchant vessels.

“Restore Polish flag” is the title of a movie commissioned by Polish Ship Managers Association and produced by Video Studio Gdansk.

Production of the movie was supported by REMONTOWA Holding, The Gdynia Maritime School and Association of Polish Manning Agents and Recruiters APMAR.

Watch video “Restore Polish flag”

“Restore Polish flag” is also the name of a project announced on the 27th of March 2017  in the National Development Council (NDC), an advisory body of 87 experts from various fields appointed by the Polish President Andrzej Duda in 2015. The Council prepares expert opinions and drafts of the President’s legislative initiatives.

The project on restoring the Polish flag was presented at the NDC by Tadeusz Hatalski, a master mariner and an enthusiastic supporter for returning the Polish flag to the vessels operated in international shipping by Poland’s owners. After many years of being forgotten, the issue is now back in the spotlight.

The movie presents and explaines basic assumptions of a draft law aimed at restoring the Polish flag instead of a flag of convenience flown on Polish merchant vessels.

The movie is shown on the POLANDATSEA.COM website by courtesy of the authors. It is in Polish language with English subtitles.

We express our gratitude for the possibility of presenting this important issue to the community of seamen.


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