President’s visit to Remontowa Holding Group shipyard and Vistula Spit

Vistula Spit

President Andrzej Duda will visit the Remontowa Holding Group shipyard and the Vistula Spit diversion site on Thursday. The purpose of the visit is to see the progress of the works, head of the President’s Cabinet Paweł Szrot told PAP on Wednesday.

The president will pay a visit to Pomeranian voivodship on Thursday. The visit of the head of state is scheduled for 1 p.m. at the Remontowa Shipbuilding SA shipyard from the Remontowa Holding capital group.

Afterwards, President Andrzej Duda will travel to the site of the Vistula Spit diversion, where he will be accompanied by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. A short briefing is planned there.

When asked about the purpose of the visit, Pawel Szrot said that the President is interested in seeing the progress at the Vistula Spit diversion site. According to the KPRP and KPRM, the President and the Prime Minister will be at the site of the crosscut on Thursday from 14.40.

A navigation channel is under construction on the Vistula Spit near Kąty Rybackie. The works contractor, NDI/Besix consortium, and the investor, the Maritime Office in Gdynia, assure that the construction is proceeding according to schedule.

The navigation channel will be a new waterway connecting the Vistula Lagoon and the Port of Elbląg with the Gulf of Gdańsk. Construction is underway across the entire width of the Spit. Breakwaters, an artificial island in the Lagoon and a channel for ships and smaller vessels are being built.

Last week the South Bridge (near the Vistula Lagoon) was opened over the shipping channel under construction, which can be used by residents and tourists driving from Stegna towards Krynica Morska.

The twin Northern Bridge (closer to the Gulf of Gdansk) is being merged and should be ready in autumn. Passers-by on the South Bridge can see the construction of the canal and the Nowy Świat Harbourmaster’s Office up close.

In July, Budimex is to start basic works on the Elbląg River enclosure to the port of Elbląg. This is the second stage of the construction of a new waterway, including the construction of a bridge in Nowakowo.

Next year already, the first ships will be able to enter the Vistula Lagoon without having to ask permission from the Russian side. So far, traffic has been allowed to pass through the Pilavera Strait.

The total length of the new waterway from the Gulf of Gdansk through the Vistula Lagoon to Elblag is nearly 23 km, of which about 2.5 km is the section that will comprise the lock and external port as well as the berth. The canal and the entire waterway will be 5 m deep.



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