waterway across the Vistula Spit in Poland

Tourists eager to see construction of waterway across the Vistula Spit

The shipping canal being built through the Vistula Spit has already become a major attraction. Many tourists watched the construction of the new waterway during their holidays, according to representatives of the investor, the Maritime Office in Gdynia and the State Forests.

Magdalena Kierzkowska, spokeswoman of the Maritime Office in Gdynia, told PAP that the interest has been considerable since the very beginning of the crosscut construction.

Therefore, a special parking place, which is already very popular, was launched last year, and a path along the eastern side of the construction site was marked, leading to a point from which one can observe what is happening at the construction site from a safe distance,” she stressed.


She pointed out that since 25 June we can speak of a significant increase in the number of people interested in the works. This is related to the opening of the South Bridge over the canal to traffic. Both pedestrians and cyclists now have the opportunity to watch and photograph the progress of the works from it – both from the side of the Gulf of Gdansk, as well as from the side of the Vistula Lagoon – she added.

– At the moment it is possible to go basically through the construction site, which is undoubtedly very attractive, however we would like to alert all visitors that there is still work going on around, heavy equipment is driving. Hence the need for caution and sensible behaviour, both on the bridge and in its vicinity,” she stressed.

The spokesman for the Elbląg Forestry Commission, Jan Piotrowski, also points out that during the tourist season foresters have observed a very high tourist traffic near the diversion, as well as in the forests of the Elbląg Forestry Commission on the Vistula Spit.

– Thanks to the temporary stopping place for vehicles created by the Elbląg Forest Inspectorate, the movement of tourists in this area has become safe, and people are very eager to use it. In fact, we rarely see the place empty,” he said.

He pointed out that tourists unfortunately still leave “traces” of themselves. “The rubbish problem is still there. This year we have decided to do away with rubbish bins at most tourist sites. In addition, in the most littered places, we have put up signs asking people not to litter in the forest and to take their waste with them. These actions had a positive effect, tourists reacted very positively to the signs. We have noticed less rubbish in places where there used to be a lot of rubbish around the bins” – he stressed.

The total length of the new waterway from the Gulf of Gdansk through the Vistula Lagoon to Elblag is nearly 23 kilometres, out of which about 2.5 kilometres will include the lock and the external harbour as well as the berth. The canal and the entire waterway will be 5 m deep.


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