Polish flag on the Baltic Beauty sailing ship

baltic beauty

The Baltic Beauty sailing ship has changed its flag from Swedish to white and red. The ceremony took place during this year’s Baltic Sail Gdańsk rally, the biggest international sailing event in the city.

The previous Swedish flag, on the waterfront at Wiosny Ludów Street in Gdańsk, was personally left by the owner, so that immediately afterwards, a new, white and red flag flies on the flag. Soon the home port of the sailing ship – from Ronneby to Gdańsk – is to change as well.

Baltic Beauty (length: 40 m, width: 6 m) was built in 1926 in the Netherlands as a ship to transport live eels Hans 11. In 1936 it was sold to Sweden and renamed Sven Wilhelm. Years of work and fishing undermined the construction of the sailing ship. He saved it, in 1979 its current owner – Captain Victor Gottlow, who found the wreck, bought it and converted it into a sailing ship. Initially it was named Dominique Fredion – in honor of his wife Gottlow – but when he received permission to organize charter cruises, it was renamed Baltic Beauty. For 20 years the vessel has been sailing as a charter boat on the Baltic Sea, and in 2004 it was converted into a brigantine.

It was the first in 8 years raising the Polish flag on a sailing ship of this size. Previous such ceremony, also in Gdansk, took place on October 6, 2011. It was then about the sailing ship Captain Borchardt – it took place on 6 October 2011, also in Gdansk.

AL, rel (Baltic Sail), from the media

Photo: Baltic Sail Gdańsk

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