Poland fifth in Europe as yacht exporter


Poland is the world’s eighth and Europe’s fifth largest exporter of yachts and other recreational and sports vessels, PIE (Polish Economic Institute) analysts said on Thursday.

Polish shipyards produce about 22 thousand motor yachts and sailing yachts annually, including both luxury yachts and yachts for beginners, 95% of which are exported, PIE experts noted.

They specialize mainly in motor yachts up to 9 meters, but they also execute contracts for specific orders – they said.

Citing data from the Central Statistical Office (GUS), the analysts pointed out that the main destinations for the sale of Polish yachts are: Germany (in 2020 they accounted for 17 percent of the value of Polish exports), the US (15 percent) and France (11 percent).

Polish yachts also find buyers in other European countries as well as in non-EU countries, including Turkey, Russia, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Thailand and the Middle East, the latest issue of PIE Economic Weekly mentioned.

It was noted that our country is the eighth in the world and fifth in Europe exporter of yachts and other recreational and sports vessels.

The analysts stressed that Poland is “the absolute leader in Europe and second in the world in the narrower category of watercraft exports, classified as other than sailing or motorboats”. Poland’s share of global trade increased from 8 percent in 2011 to nearly 23 percent in 2020. “Poland is overtaken only by the US with a share of 30.3 percent,” the report said. – it was pointed out.

Eurostat data show that in 2020, Polish yachts exports accounted for 61.2% of the total export value in this commodity group of the EU27 countries.

PIE noted that despite record results from foreign sales this year, the industry, due to the still prevailing pandemic, remains moderately optimistic. According to data from a report by the Polish Chamber of the Yacht and Water Sports Industry, companies “are mainly concerned about the negative effects of increasing delays in supply chains, rising prices of raw materials and components, which will affect the cost of manufacturing the final product and may mean reduced profitability”.

Experts added that there is also concern about the decline in demand caused by excessive price increases for yachts and boats and the next COVID-19 waves.


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