Nord Stream 2-linked company leases warehouse in Rostock harbour in defiance of sanctions

More information is coming to light confirming that the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern government was heavily involved in the project to complete the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline despite US sanctions. On Tuesday, the portal RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND) reported on the matter of leasing a wharf in the port of Rostock to a company to provide services for Nord Stream 2.

A few days ago, the portal of the daily newspaper Welt revealed that the file on the establishment of a climate foundation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV) to protect the interests of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has been lost without trace and cannot be accessed.

The issue of the government’s involvement in NS 2, Russia’s influence on the state’s policy and the establishment of the climate foundation are all matters to be dealt with by the committee of inquiry. The absence of these documents will significantly hamper the work of the commission.

Another controversy to be dealt with by the committee concerns the leasing of a quay in the port of Rostock on 1 March 2021 to an unknown company, Rokai, which provided services to NS 2.

– The lease lasted until the end of February 2022, when bombs were already falling on Ukraine, RND wrote.

The one-year lease was decided unanimously by a committee chaired by Chris von Wrycz Rekowski (SPD), senator for economic affairs and vice mayor of Rostock. According to the draft resolution, seagoing ships were to berth at the quay to supply components for wind turbines.

– As it turned out, the city authorities knew as early as December 2020 that the company was actually going to work for Nord Stream 2. Was this deliberately concealed so as not to attract the attention of the Americans, who at the time were threatening sanctions against all pipeline companies? – RND asked.

Another important issue to clarify is the financing of this lease.

– It needs to be explained where Rokai got the €3 million lease rent from. One can only speculate whether the money came from the MV Climate Foundation. This will be difficult to explain now that the foundation’s documents have disappeared,” stresses Andrea Kroenert (Greens) from the Rostock parliament.

The MV government denies that it had any influence “on the decision taken in Rostock”. The quay leased by Rokai was empty on Monday, there was no sign of the company’s presence, concludes RND


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