Polish Ambassador to Ukraine: Nord Stream 2 creates security deficit

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline creates a deficit in the security sphere, which forces us to consolidate politically, Polish Ambassador to Kiev Bartosz Cichocki said, as quoted by Interfax-Ukraine agency on Thursday.

Cichocki, speaking on Wednesday at the Ukrainian Central European Forum conference, stressed that the situation in the region is worsening. He mentioned in this context the summit of the US and Russian presidents in Geneva, the US-German statement on NS2, the completion of the gas pipeline, the situation in Afghanistan and Belarus, Interfax-Ukraine writes.

“From our point of view, these bad dynamics should consolidate us. The region should strengthen itself, unite… The countries of our region in one way or another are victims of this bad dynamic. We should find together an answer to these challenges and these threats” – continued the Polish diplomat.

The ambassador noted that Poland and Ukraine expect real guarantees of gas transit through Ukraine, the agency writes. “We understand that Nord Stream 2 creates a deficit in the security sphere and this should be compensated, but it also forces us to consolidate politically,” – he noted.

Cichocki advocated the creation of a new diplomatic format, Interfax-Ukraine reports. “There is the G7 format. (States from this group) are doing a lot for reforms in Ukraine, and you can also think about the C8 diplomatic format in Kiev: ambassadors of the Baltic countries, the Visegrad Group, Romania” – the ambassador suggested. He added that he would suggest leading Ukrainian politicians to meet not only with the ambassadors of the G7, but also with the ambassadors of the countries of the format he proposed.


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