Nord Stream 1 gas could flow as early as Wednesday

The routine maintenance of the Nord Stream 1 Baltic gas pipeline went without any major problems and was able to be finalised on Tuesday evening – that is, before the scheduled completion on Thursday. From Nord Stream AG’s point of view, there is nothing to prevent the resumption of gas deliveries from Thursday, reports dpa on Wednesday, citing a company spokesperson and a statement by Vladimir Putin.

As the Nord Stream AG spokesman explained, in the absence of the planned resumption of deliveries on Thursday, the pipeline operator company would have to “inform the market in a specific way”. As of Wednesday morning, no such announcement had been made, dpa stressed.

Contrary to earlier fears that Russia “would not turn off the gas tap again”, Putin personally announced the resumption of supplies after maintenance, but announced a further reduction in supply volumes from the end of July if Russia does not receive back a repaired turbine in Canada. In that case, gas supplies are to be reduced to 30 million cubic metres per day (the pipeline is capable of transporting more than 167 million cubic metres per day).

Since June, prior to the maintenance break, Gazprom has reduced gas supplies through Nord Stream 1 by 60 per cent. This pipeline accounts for more than 30 per cent of Russian natural gas supplies to the European Union.



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