Gaz-System: all three Baltic Pipe compressor stations in Poland after technical acceptance

all three Baltic Pipe compressor stations in Poland

Gaz-System has carried out technical acceptance of all three gas compressor stations being expanded and built as part of the Baltic Pipe project. Their main task will be to distribute gas imported from the Norwegian Shelf across Poland, the company said on Friday.

The first to be confirmed was the technical readiness for operation of the gas compressor station in Odolanów, followed by Goleniów and finally the technical acceptance of the gas compressor station in Gustorzyn, which is being built from scratch. All facilities are currently in the process of gasification and finishing works, the company reported.

– Thanks to the expansion of the two existing compressor stations and the construction of a new one in Gustorzyn, the total gas compression capacity in the national transmission system increases by more than 50 per cent, which significantly improves the flexibility and operational security of the transmission network. The technical acceptance of these three compressor stations means that gas delivered via the Baltic Pipe submarine pipeline, supplied at the appropriate pressure, will be able to reach customers throughout Poland,” said Gaz-System CEO Tomasz Stępień, quoted in the release.

The technical acceptance of each compressor station has been divided into two stages in order to maintain the fluidity of the work in progress. Moreover, during the expansion of the gas compressor stations in Odolanów and Goleniów, the key element of the investment was to carry out investment activities on an active and operating facility, the company pointed out.

The gas compressor station in Odolanów, located in the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship, is the largest compressor station of the Baltic Pipe project in Poland. After expansion and commissioning, the capacity of this compressor station will increase by 30 MW and the throughput will range from 280,000 cubic metres per hour to 1,380,000 cubic metres per hour of gas.

The second gas compressor station is located in Goleniów in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Its capacity will increase by 25 MW after completion of the expansion.

The third Baltic Pipe gas compressor station, built from scratch, is the one in Gustorzyn in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeship. The compressor station has been equipped with three compressor units with a total capacity of 20 MW. This facility will control gas flows in central Poland.

Baltic Pipe is to create a new supply route for natural gas from Norway to the Danish and Polish markets and to end users in neighbouring countries. The investors are the transmission operators Danish Energinet and Polish Gaz-System. According to plans, it is expected to reach full capacity at the beginning of 2023. Once operational in October, Baltic Pipe will have a capacity of 2-3 bcm of gas per year. In 2023, the pipeline will reach its maximum capacity, i.e. 10 bcm of gas per year.

The Baltic Pipe project is one of the largest infrastructure investments in the country, Gaz-System stressed. The European Commission has granted the investment the status of a ‘Project of Common Interest’ (‘Project of Common Interest’). The project received financial support from the European Union under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

The company announced that the Baltic Pipe opening ceremony will take place on 27 September at the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic Hall in Szczecin.



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