New investments in Oldendorff Carriers

OLDENDORFF CARRIERS has ordered two 61,300 Ultramax Newbuildings for delivery in July 2022 and acquired two 93,000 tdw Post-panamaxes in separate transactions.

The two Ultramaxes will be delivered by Dalian Cosco Kawasaki Ship Engineering Co Ltd (DACKS) in July 2022 and are of Kawasaki eco design.

The ships are equipped with Masada / Mitsubishi cranes, bollards for the New Panama Canal, BWTS “Erma First”, Hudong-MAN-B&W 6S50ME-B9.3 main engine and a large content of equipment imported from Japan, such as Daihatsu auxiliary engines, Nakashima propellers, etc.

The two 93,000 tdw Post-Panamaxes were built in 2012 in China and will be taken over in India in the first half of April. They are equipped with Korean-built Doosan-MAN-B&W 6S60MC and Doosan auxiliary engines.

The company’s last two new vessels, Newcastlemax, MV ‘Heide Oldendorff’ and ‘Hauke Oldendorff’, will be delivered from Hantong Shipyard in August and October/November 2021.

The first of two highly specialised new transshipment vessels, MV “Calypso”, was delivered from Chengxi Shipyard on 15 January and sailed to North Vietnam, where she began a 25-year transshipment contract for the Marubeni and Kepco consortium. Her sister ship ‘Anna’ will be delivered in July.

rel. Oldendorff Carries

photo: Oldendorff Carriers

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