Contract signed for the second part of the waterway connecting the Vistula Lagoon with the Gulf of Gdansk

Vistula Spit March 2021

On Tuesday, 20 April 2021, an agreement was signed for the execution of construction works within the project entitled “Construction of the waterway connecting the Vistula Lagoon with the Gulf of Gdansk – part II”.

Today we are signing another important agreement, which will allow us to continue work on the waterway connecting the Gulf of Gdansk with the Vistula Lagoon and in Elblag. This investment is extremely important for the future of Poland,” said Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk.

The Mierzeja Pier will create an opportunity for economic development for all the ports of the Vistula Lagoon and will significantly shorten the existing route through the Pilawa Strait by almost a hundred kilometres. Thanks to the agreement signed today, the waterway of the Elbląg river will be modernised and a rotary bridge will be built in Nowakowo – said the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marek Gróbarczyk.

The scope of works includes the reconstruction of the existing fairway on the Elbląg river in the scope of shore protection, which will eventually take over the function of flood prevention embankments, as well as the construction of low harbours, facilitating the access to the river and the construction of a rotary bridge over the Elbląg river in Nowakowo, together with the changes in the road system.

The signing of the contract for the second part of the investment is another milestone in the realisation of the programme of building a new waterway connecting the Vistula Lagoon with the Gulf of Gdansk. For the Maritime Office in Gdynia it is a particularly joyful moment when we can inaugurate another construction of infrastructure providing access to Polish ports – in this case the port in Elbląg. Currently, the role of sea transport, ports as transhipment centres, is particularly important and crucial in maintaining the continuity of the supply chain. Each new shipping route contributes to the increase of efficiency, competitiveness and building logistic advantage of Polish economy – said Wiesław Piotrzkowski, director of the Maritime Office in Gdynia.

The contract concluded between the Maritime Office in Gdynia and Budimex SA includes:

  • reconstruction of the existing waterway on the Elbląg River along a section of about 10.4 km in length and with a track width measured at the bottom on the river of 60 m, and in the Nowakowo area of 40 m, within the scope of shore lining,
  • execution of ground anchors with the total length of 202,000 m
  • execution of bank reinforcement using a steel sheet piling along the length of a 13.3 km long bank
  • reinforcement of banks with a reinforced concrete diaphragm wall along a bank length of 1.7 km,
  • construction of a swing bridge over the Elbląg River in Nowakowo, approximately 650 m from the existing pontoon bridge.

The new waterway will be used by vessels with embankment parameters:

  • 100 m long,
  • 20 m wide,
  • 4.5 m draught,

for single-hull vessels, and

  • 180 m long for a pusher plus two barges at the same maximum width and draught.

The value of the contract is about 574 million PLN and the time foreseen for its implementation is 24 months.


Krystian Wyrzykowski; rel

Photo: NDI/BESIX press materials

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