New hovercrafts for the Polish Maritime Border Guard Unit


The Maritime Branch of the Border Guard (MOSG), on 16 October, signed a contract to purchase and deliver two hovercraft designed for patrol and intervention operations. Griffon Hoverwork Limited will build the units. The value of the order is more than PLN 28 million; the contractor has one year to complete the contract.

On the part of the MOSG, the contract was signed by Cmdr SG Lesław Krysa, Deputy Commander of the MOSG for Logistics. The contractor was represented by Adrian Went, Managing Director.

The scope of the contract primarily includes the construction and delivery of the hovercrafts with equipment and training for crew members. The completion date was set for 31 October 2024. The new units will be delivered to the Kashubian Border Guard Squadron base in Stara Pasłęka. Griffon Hoverwork Limited is to receive more than PLN 28 million for the execution of the contract.

The hovercrafts will be designed for patrol and intervention as well as search and rescue operations in winter conditions on ice (solid and crushed), in summer – on water, as well as in areas overgrown with rushes and swampy terrain, during day and night with limited visibility, on water areas up to 20 nautical miles from the shore.

The vessels must be capable of picking people up from the water and ice and operating in a buoyant state.

Basic parameters and dimensions of the new hovercrafts:

overall length – up to 14 m
overall width – up to 7 m
crew – 4 persons
number of passengers – 8 persons
payload – not less than 2000 kg
obstacle clearance – not less than 70 cm
autonomy – not less than 10 hours
maximum speed – not less than 30 knots.

photos: MOSG


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