Highly Scored Scientific Journal of the Gdansk University of Technology

Polish Maritime Research magazine

Polish Maritime Research (PMR) is a scientific journal published by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding of the Gdansk University of Technology. The quarterly has been published since 1994 and maintains a high position in world rankings.

The English-language periodical, addressed to readers in Poland and abroad, presents innovative ideas and achievements in fields that are related to maritime economy in its broadest sense. In particular, “articles are published on the design, construction and operation of ships and marine and ocean-technical equipment, underwater vehicles, port infrastructure, and the ecological aspects of exploration and use of the marine environment. At the same time, it is the only magazine published in Poland which deals with the above issues”. – informs the Gdansk University of Technology.

Addressed to readers in Poland and worldwide, containing articles by scientists, scholars, researchers and engineers, it is covered by forty abstracting and indexing services. It is also on the “A” list of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW).

The indexing indicator of Web of Science is the Impact Factor (IF), i.e. the indicator of prestige and impact of a journal on the scientific community, indicating the frequency of quotations of a given publication published in a given journal.

As Wiesław Tarełko, PhD, editor-in-chief of Polish Maritime Research and a specialist in ocean engineering and shipbuilding, says, each journal publishing scientific and research materials must have an adequate rank. The two most important international indexing portals are: Web of Science and SCOPUS.

Compared to journals with the same or similar thematic scope, the position of Polish Maritime Research is steadily increasing. In 2019, it ranked seventh among journals dealing with technical aspects of ocean engineering and shipbuilding indexed in the Web of Science database and fifth among Polish journals in mechanical and materials engineering indexed in the Web of Science database.

In Poland, the Ministry of Education and Science awards so-called ministerial points to individual journals. The list includes several thousand of them from all over the world. Each has its own score. Polish international ones have obtained the highest number so far – as many as 100 points. In the maritime field the highest score is Ocean Engineering – 140 points – adds professor Wiesław Tarełko.

Increasing the number of points to 100 means, among other things, that Polish Maritime Research will support the development of the maritime industry by creating solutions and having them assessed by the scientific community, as well as integrating scientific teams from different universities and faculties by giving each author a larger unit contribution to a given publication.


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