Fossil LNG (not carbon neutral) can meet IMO 2050 CO2 reduction target

The shipping industry is forced by regulations to halve its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 from 2008 levels. This goal is achievable with the use of LNG fuel including the use of certain efficiency solutions on ships.

According to specialists from the engineering firm GTT (known mainly for patents and designs of cryogenic liquefied gas storage systems and mainly shipboard and shore-based LNG tanks), LNG-fuelled ships equipped with fuel efficiency devices may be able to meet the International Maritime Organisation’s 2050 greenhouse gas reduction target without switching to lower carbon fuels.

The reduction in emissions that can be achieved by switching to LNG bunkering is a controversial issue. For example, proponents and opponents cite different figures for the greenhouse effect of methane accidentally leaking during bunkering operations, depending on the time frame over which the effect is observed.

Proponents of LNG argue that its use can contribute to the IMO goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions per shipping job by at least 40% from 2008 levels by 2030.

However, it is widely accepted that carbon-neutral bio- or synthetic LNG would need to be used on gas-fuelled ships to meet the 2050 target of halving the shipping industry’s total greenhouse gas emissions from 2008 levels.

– LNG in its current form is already in line with the 2030 target, – Hadi Farhoud, director of strategy and marketing at GTT, told Petrospot’s Ship Energy Summit 2021 conference in early April.
– And if you add some energy efficiency devices to reduce the energy consumption of the ship, we believe that LNG including these energy efficiency devices can meet the 2050 target.

As Farhoud explained – GTT’s case modelling is based on a 23,000 TEU container ship.

“Green” technologies that reduce pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from ships, in line with the objectives of the new global climate policy, are being discussed by European industry experts today until midday at the GreenMarE conference taking place for the first time in Gdansk.

The GreenMarE conference is one of the accompanying events of the InterMarE South Baltic maritime fair.
The organisers of GreenMarE are the Employers’ Association Ship Forum, the International Gdansk Trade Fair SA and PORTALMORSKI.PL Sp. z o.o.


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