ERBUD will renovate the Industrial Quay in the Port of Gdansk

The construction of a bottom reinforcement along the Nabrzeże Przemysłowe (Industrial Quay) in the Inner Port and the replacement of its fender line will soon begin. Thanks to this investment, amounting to nearly PLN 28 million, the technical depth at the quay will be increased to 10 m, significantly enhancing operators’ handling capacity.

In addition, strengthening the bottom will improve the safety of the quay structure, and replacing the fender line on sections III-1 and III-2 will enable the handling of larger vessels. The works will be carried out in stages on sections with a total length of 802 m. The Industrial Quay is located in the right-bank area of the Inner Port in Gdańsk.

The contract with the contractor, a consortium of companies led by Erbud S.A., was signed at the beginning of December this year. The handover of the construction site will take place in the first week of January 2024. After two years, the investment is expected to be ready.

– Our aim is to create opportunities for business. We plan and execute investments to meet the needs of current, but also future, contractors. One such project has just come to an end. The expansion of the Industrial Quay area, which is part of the Port of Gdansk’s long-term investment strategy, will dramatically improve communication, streamline transhipment and allow for the commercialisation of new investment areas. Now the time has come to modernise the quay itself. In two years’ time, when it is commissioned, larger vessels will be handled there, which will certainly increase the handling capacity of the operators, explains Kamil Tarczewski, Deputy President of the Port of Gdansk.

The scope of the contract includes dredging works, construction of bottom reinforcement and replacement of the fender line and other quay equipment.

– The modernisation of the quay will also minimise the risk of the occurrence of bottom depressions that are detrimental to the quay’s construction and increase the permissible draught of vessels, which is very important for our contractors. Additionally, it is also very important for us that the investment will be entirely supervised by the Port’s engineering staff,” adds Łukasz Jabłonowski, director of the ZMPG Hydrotechnical Infrastructure Department.

The ERBUD Capital Group is the largest construction group in Poland that is not part of international holdings. ERBUD has over 32 years of experience in the Polish market and Western European countries. It specialises in volume construction, green energy, services for industry and engineering.


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