EPG performs structures for Hebron mining field

Turret manufactured by EPG for the Hebron project. Photo: EPG
Turret manufactured by EPG for the Hebron project.
Photo: EPG/Piotr Zabrocki

Energomontaż-Północ Gdynia has recently been involved in fabrication of the structures of four pile anchors designed for Hebron oilfield in Newfoundland.

EPG manufactured four structures with a diameter of 1.7 m and a length of 16 m, which will be used to anchor to the seabed construction of two turrets that have also been made by EPG. Recently the similar structures EPG made for Greater Stella mining field.

Offshore oilfield Hebron was discovered in 1980 and is set to produce first oil in 2017. Hebron is estimated to produce oil for 25 years. On the field a gravity base platform will be installed (GBS), the structure of which will be designed for withstanding contact with icebergs.

Obtaining these orders alone is already a success for EPG, because project Hebron is put on Canadian waters, where the provisions are applied by local content which determine the level of native suppliers involved, what makes the participation in the project more difficult for European manufacturers.

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