CNN: Attack on Odessa port after grain export deal exposed the true face of Russia

A missile attack on the port of Odesa, carried out by the Russian military less than 24 hours after the signing of an agreement to unblock Ukrainian grain exports, has exposed the true face of Moscow and shown that it cannot be believed, the CNN news channel assessed on Monday.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres described the agreements, signed separately by Ukraine and Russia with the UN and Turkey in Istanbul on Friday, as a “ray of hope”, heralding an easing of the global food crisis and a slowdown in the rise of food prices.

Unfortunately, Guterres’ months-long efforts to get the agreement signed, which included visits to both Moscow and Kyiv, ultimately shed light on the limits of how much Russia can be trusted, according to CNN.

The agreement does not explicitly state a “ceasefire”, but according to a communiqué from Guterres’ office, Russia has committed to “facilitate the unhindered export of food, sunflower oil and fertilisers”. Less than 24 hours after the agreement was signed, Russian Kalibr missiles struck the port of Odesa.

The attack was strongly condemned by the UN, the Ukrainian authorities and its Western partners. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken assessed that it brought into question the credibility of Russian commitments, and UK Foreign Office chief Liz Truss declared that “not a single word” of Russian President Vladimir Putin could be trusted.

In addition, CNN points out, that the attack on the Odesa port showed the cynical attitude of the Kremlin and was an affront to Turkey, which brokered the agreements.



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