China has declared to build a logistics centre on the New Silk Road in Poland

China has declared its willingness to build its logistic centre to distribute its materials in Poland. On Monday, Poland is very interested in it, presidential minister Andrzej Dera said. We are thinking here of the New Silk Road corridor,” he added.

Polish President Andrzej Duda attended the inauguration of the Winter Olympics in Beijing on Friday; he also met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Asked in Polish Radio Three on Monday about the details of Andrzej Duda’s conversation with the Chinese leader, Dera said that it revolved around two basic topics: security in our region and economic cooperation between Poland and China. Dera said the latter topic was “equally important and from the point of view of our economy the most important”.

The talks concerned economic issues. In particular, China has declared its willingness to build in Poland its logistics centre for the distribution of its materials, the minister said.

Poland is extremely interested in this. We are thinking here of this corridor, concerning the New Silk Road. This centre is to be located here. The Chinese want to do it – the presidential minister Andrzej Dera informed.

According to him, this would mean “huge profits,” for Poland, as “funds from distribution then stay in Poland, from equipment, from materials, from everything that comes from China to Poland.”

Asked about Duda’s conversation with the Chinese leader regarding Russia and Ukraine, the presidential minister replied that Xi Jinping “was informed about what is happening in this part of Europe”. “For the Chinese, however, the economic aspect was more important”. – the minister added.


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