Classical yachts will moor in Gdynia again

40 wooden and steel classic yachts from Poland


They are one of a kind and work well in difficult weather conditions. 40 wooden and steel classic yachts from Poland and Europe can be seen in Gdynia. Units with a soul will come to our city on Friday, October 11th. All within the framework of the 11th edition of the “Próchno i Rdza” rally. The climax of the event will be a maritime parade.

It will take place on Saturday, 12 October 2019

Yachts will sail along Seaside Boulevard and further to the pier in Sopot. For two days, at selected times, residents and tourists will also be able to visit the units taking part in the rally. These yachts have written down the greatest pages in the history of Polish sailing. Now the citizens of Gdynia will be able to see them all at one wharf. The “Próchno i Rdza” rally aims primarily at integration. Sailors meet to exchange experiences, but they also want to show the beauty of classic boats and promote the culture of swimming with them. This is because they are extraordinary individuals with a soul.

– Classical yachts with wooden and steel structures participate in the rally. This is the criterion we set ourselves when we created this event 11 years ago. The idea was to appreciate those yachts that today are denying themselves. Modern laminate structures are certainly faster and more comfortable. However, our yachts, which Poland was famous for several dozen years ago exporting them to various European countries, are characterized by the fact that they are very brave and work well in difficult weather conditions. That is why this rally takes place in autumn. When the plastics stay in the ports, these yachts come out on water and show their full value without being afraid of hard weather and bumpy Baltic Sea – says Captain Maciej Sodkiewicz, the originator and organizer of the rally of yachts with the soul of “Próchno and Rust”.

This year, sailing enthusiasts will be able to see 40 yachts

Half of them are wooden and the other part has steel hulls. The units participating in the rally will first meet on Hel. From there, on Friday, October 11, they will arrive at the Gdynia marina. Their arrival is scheduled for 16.00. They will moor at the Eastern breakwater. This year’s rally will be attended not only by yachts from Poland, but also by several foreign vessels. – The event is developing very dynamically. We will even have a yacht under the British flag, two under the Dutch flag and another one coming to us from Oslo. Therefore, our rally is beginning to have an international character, other nations are beginning to take an interest in it, and there is a depth of different nice, pampered and restored classic yachts – says Sodkiewicz.

They will appear in Gdynia

Andromeda, Antica, Blue Lady, Bryza H, Copernicus, Dunajec, Farurej, Gwarek, Hetman, Jagiellonia, Karawela II, Ladies & Gentalman, Legia, Mokotów, Radogost, Roztocze, Sharki, Smuga Shadow, Stomil and Tauri, which will represent the humus. In the rust category they will present themselves: Black diamond, Dione, Empatia Polska, Gedania, Helios Hel, Hoorn, Ina, Inatiz, Isfuglen, Krevetka, Luc-Ander, Malbork, Mercury, Mestwin, Nashachata II, Patagonia, Rzeszowiak, Sailor from Tczew, Solanus and Sójka.
Everyone will be able to see them up close and discover what’s inside them. Yachts will be available for sightseeing on Friday, 11 October from 17.00 to 19.00 and on Saturday, 12 October from 16.00 to 19.00.

Saturday is the main day of the rally

Participants will start at 11.00 a.m. from taking a photo together. Then the crews will prepare for the culminating point of the program – the sea parade. Yachts taking part in the rally will sail, at noon, along the seaside boulevard, and then direct the rudders to the pier in Sopot. They will return to the Gdynia marina around 4 p.m. The rally will end with a shanty concert by Z dal dal od Noise, which will take place at 7 p.m. in the hangar of Yacht Club Stal. There will also be a handing out of commemorative plaques and a dragging contest. On Sunday, October 14 between 9:00 and 12:00, yachts participating in the rally will leave the Gdynia marina and return to their home marinas.

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