Check air quality in the Port of Gdansk

YetiBoxes, i.e. sensors monitoring the air quality, have been installed in six locations in the Port of Gdansk: in the Free Customs Area, at Szczeciński Quay, Krakowskie Quay and Zakręt Pięciu Gwizdków, at Marynarki Polskiej Street and in the External Port.

Information on current dust concentrations is made available at:  ( → Air Quality Monitoring Points).

ZMPG SA signed a contract with SeaData company for the delivery of air quality monitoring system. The port monitoring system is based on a network of sensors called YetiBoxes and the analytical system YetiSense. YetiBoxes collect information about the concentration of particulate matter PM10, PM2.5 and send the data to the YetiSense system. Currently there are 6 devices located in the Port of Gdansk.

YetiSense is not only a system for analysing data from its sensors, but an advanced platform downloading data from public systems (TriStar, GIOŚ stations, meteorological stations) and weather services, equipped with a number of applications enabling quick analysis of air quality in a given area.

An important part of the system is the tool for assessing the risk of dust and pollution accumulation.
On the basis of weather data, forecasts and data from YetiBoxes, it determines the risk of dusting bulk materials and the danger of large concentrations of fine dusts due to their accumulation in the lower layers of the atmosphere. Forecasts and warnings are generated for the next 24 hours. The devices continuously monitor air quality, pollution levels and noise intensity.

In addition to the devices, the company offers the Yetisense 2.0 system, which provides information about the air quality on a given day, as well as about its changes during the week, month and year. The system verifies air quality in accordance with the AQI (Air Qulity Index) – the Polish quality index, available at

When the PM10 dust concentration is very low (e.g. 5.678 PM10 [ug/m3]), the system indicates green colour. The orange or red colour means that the PM10 pollution is high (above 50 ug/m3) and it starts to exceed the norms. As the measuring devices show – currently in all locations the air quality is correct.

We often receive questions about the air quality in the harbour. Therefore, in order to meet the expectations of the residents of Gdansk, mainly the residents of New Port and Stogi, our neighbouring districts, we decided to make data from the sensors collecting information on particulate matter concentrations available on our website. We want our actions to be transparent – explains Anna Drozd, Spokesperson of the Port of Gdansk.

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