Budimex: value of contract for construction of offshore terminal for Orlen is PLN 118 million

terminal for offshore wind farms in Świnoujście

PLN 118 million is the value of Budimex’s contract with Orlen to construct the onshore part of the installation terminal for offshore wind farms in Świnoujście, Budimex said on Thursday. It added that the work will take 17 months.

Budimex is the general contractor for the project; the PLN 118 million contract provides for the construction of, among other things, storage areas for components such as towers, blades and nacelles of offshore wind turbines on an area of approximately 17 hectares. Communication infrastructure and an administration building will also be built.

– The execution of the contract will involve, among other things, earthworks such as land levelling, aggregate transport and aggregate spreading. We will also carry out all the works related to the construction of the administration and office premises, the warehouse and the car parks from scratch. The work will take 17 months,” said Budimex Infrastructure Construction Director Jakub Długoszek, quoted in the company’s announcement.

The task of the WTIV (wind turbine installation vessel) terminal under construction in Świnoujście will be the handling, storage and assembly of wind tower sections together with foundations and other wind turbine components. Among other things, the investment will enable the construction of Baltic Power’s first offshore wind farm with a capacity of 1140 MW, which Orlen is planning.

According to Orlen’s information, construction work will begin in October and will be completed between 2024 and 2025. Ultimately, the terminal will enable the installation of more than 80 offshore wind turbines per year and will be able to serve the Baltic Power project and other planned wind investments. In addition to turbine components, the terminal will also be able to receive offshore transformer station superstructures weighing up to 24,000 tonnes, Orlen stressed.

The construction of the hydro-technical part of the investment is the responsibility of the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority, which will soon settle the tender procedure for two new quays. In parallel, the fairway will also be dredged in the section from the Kiel Turntable to the new terminal.

According to Orlen’s information, the new quays will have technical parameters that allow for the pre-assembly of wind turbine towers of more than 100 m in height and weighing about 1,000 tonnes each. The length of the berths, which in both cases is about 250 m, will enable the largest specialised jack-up vessels currently available to operate in Świnoujście, designed for the installation of turbines of 15 MW and above, as well as heavy lift vessels of over 200 m, used for the transport of wind turbine components.

Orlen recalled that its strategy until 2030 assumes the company will have around 9 GW of renewable energy capacity in the next few years, including 5.8 GW offshore.


Source: PortalMorski.pl

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