American military equipment arrived in Gdynia

The unloading of US equipment is underway at the BCT terminal in the port of Gdynia. Around 700 pieces of military equipment including cars and tanks have arrived on board the Arc Integirity car carrier

The unloading of US equipment, which will be stationed in Poland for the next few months, began on Saturday at the Baltic Container Terminal (BCT) in the port of Gdynia.

BCT terminal commercial director Michał Kużajczyk stressed that this is the 20th transshipment of American equipment carried out at the terminal.

– Transshipments of equipment have been taking place since 2018. Until now, exports have been the most common, while now equipment has arrived that will be used in Poland, he stressed.

The Arc Integrity car carrier, which is docked in the port of Gdynia, holds around 700 pieces of military equipment. These include Abrams and Bradley tanks, self-propelled guns, military vehicles and containers of lighter equipment.

Kużajczyk stressed that the unloading will take about two days.

– Later, the equipment that served in Poland will be loaded onto the ship and the ship will return to the US, he explained.

After unloading, the new equipment will be transported to the Port of Gdynia’s storage yard, which is located on the premises of the Logistics Centre, right next to the Kwiatkowski flyover. And, Kużajczyk predicts, it will be transported by trains and trucks to military bases deployed in various locations in Poland over the next two weeks.

As part of Polish-American cooperation, connections to New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk have been made from the BCT terminal for several months. This is important for the development of economic cooperation and the security area for the Central European and Scandinavian region

US Army Colonel Bryan Harris, commander of the 2nd ABCT (2nd Armoured Brigade Combat Team ‘Spartans’) during the transshipment, stressed that he was grateful for the Polish hospitality.



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