Stena Line ferries will soon depart from the Port of Gdynia

The transfer of Stena Line’s operations to the New Public Ferry Terminal in the Port of Gdynia, which will take place in June 2022, will allow the introduction of Stena Line’s largest ferries in the Baltic Sea. The new Stena Line vessels are already after successful mooring trials at the terminal on Polska Street.

Stena Line is introducing two E-Flexer class Ro-Pax ferries on the route between Gdynia and Karlskrona, Sweden, in response to increased demand for transport in the Baltic Sea region. The two new vessels will begin operations as soon as they arrive from the shipyard, where they are currently in the final stages of construction. They will be among the largest ferries in the Baltic in regular shipping. Thanks to their exceptional size – they are 240 metres long – each of them can take up to 1,200 passengers and has up to 3,600 lane metres, which is twice as much as the ships operating on the line today. E-Flexers are a new generation of ships: energy-efficient, efficient and environmentally friendly.

The first ferry of E-Flexer class will start operating from Gdynia already in the middle of July, and the second one in November. Due to the particularly increased demand for freight transport in the southern part of the Baltic Sea, Stena Line has decided that E-Flexers will be best used there. Meanwhile, the upgraded vessels Stena Scandica and Stena Baltica will continue to serve the route between Nynäshamn and Ventspils.

Construction work has been completed at the New Public Ferry Terminal and technical acceptance is currently underway, after which the terminal will be put into operation. In addition, additional work is still being carried out at the request of the shipowners to equip the terminal in accordance with the requirements provided by the shipowners.

The new terminal was adjusted to serve ferries with a length of 240 metres – one third longer than the current Stena Line vessels, which moor at the old terminal. The new, larger Public Ferry Terminal with a ro-ro ramp creates the possibility of servicing much larger passenger ferries, at the same time increasing the Port’s handling capacity in ro-ro and ferry traffic, making the Port of Gdynia increasingly competitive in the Baltic Sea region.

The favourable location, closer to the entrance heads to the inner port, will make it much easier to manoeuvre the 240-metre-long ferries. It will also reduce the time of the ship’s arrival at the port, calculated from the start of berthing to the vessel’s departure. The total manoeuvring time will not exceed 120 minutes.

With the implementation of the investment within the framework of sustainable development and the #greenport idea, it will be possible to power the ships during the stoppage from land, which will result in a total reduction of exhaust fumes.

The value of the investment is over PLN 290 million, of which the European Union co-financing is PLN 116.8 million.



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