Tarros Group Adriatic/Levant/Libya container service upgraded

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Tarros, the Multimodal Transport Operator specialized in intra-Mediterranean services, is further upgrading its regular container service connecting the Adriatic Sea to the Mediterranean Levant and Libya.

In the next days a third vessel shall be deployed on this line, allowing a sailing frequency of ten days from each one of the ports called; moreover, as of March 10th, with the call of the containership Ayse, the Port of Trieste shall be included in this service, completing the options offered by Tarros in the Northern side of Adriatic and allowing an excellent link with Bavaria and Southern Germany.

In the new upgraded rotation of the service – a cooperation between the Groups Tarros and Arkas – the three vessels shall call in sequence: Trieste, Koper, Venice, Ancona, Istanbul, Evyap, Piraeus, Beirut, Latakia, Mersin, Alexandria and Misuratah and back to Trieste for starting the next rotation.

In this way the Adriatic Ports are well connected with some of the most important Levant Ports.

Tarros Agents network, in the Mediterranean Ports and in the Adriatic hinterland, including central and eastern Europe, are able to supply the local shippers with a wide selection of standard and special containers, including flats, open-tops, reefers and pallet-wide, allowing thus the shippers to select the type of container more suitable for loading and shipping their cargo.

Aseco Container Services Group companies are representing Tarros in central European markets:

  • Slovenia
  • Czech Republic & Slovakia
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Poland – routing via ports of Trieste, Koper, La Spezia, Genoa

For more details on Tarros services (incl. equipment availability at depots in Poland) you may contact with Aseco Container Services in Gdynia, Poland (phone: +48 58 66 20 289 or e-mail: tarros@aseco.pl).

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