Multimedia exhibition dedicated to shipbuilding industry in Gdansk

“Ships. Our passion” is the name of the exhibition, the opening ceremony of which took place on June 19, 2015, at the Maritime Culture Centre of National Maritime Museum, in the heart of Gdansk.

The celebrative inauguration of the event, promoting shipbuilding industry using the latest generation of multimedia, was attended, among others, by Piotr Soyka, chairman of Remontowa Holding.

– Today launches an exhibition of unusual – he admitted at the outset. – Typically, they represent history and memories, while this is an exhibition of “here and now”, showing Remontowa Holding as it is today. The exhibition allows to learn and see, how we work and what modern production technologies and methods are being applied on a day-to-day basis in our companies. Further, it makes one realize, what professional, technical or scientific skills are required to properly fulfil employee’s duties and tasks in our sector of industry – he added.

He also emphasized his hope, that many young people visiting Gdańsk, will show their interest in the sector and will try their hands at shipbuilding industry. Owing to modern multimedia devices and installations, visitors will be able to load their own car and passenger ferry by placing sequentially loads on the screen, build a ship using special 3D “Oculus” glasses, carry out a virtual inspection of the ship interiors and even dress up, also virtually, in one of the four protective outfits used in shipbuilding.

Developing and preparing the exhibition took about 100 people, both from external companies, as well as the employees of companies belonging to Remontowa Holding. One of the originators and initiators of the exhibition was director Jerzy Litwin of National Maritime Museum.

The exhibition is available to the public as a temporary, but a long-term arrangement, even as long as 5 years. During this time it will be modified to bring variety and new items. The exhibition is an attractive, modern in form, rich content example of maritime education, which was scarce in Poland so far, even in maritime, port cities.

Admission to the exhibition at the Maritime Cultural Centre is to be, throughout its duration, free of charge.

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