Yu An – the new ship in Chipolbrok’s fleet

On 27 December, a naming ceremony took place in China for the Yu An (IMO No. 9990167), a multipurpose vessel designed to carry heavy and bulky cargo.

Chipolbrok’s social media did not indicate whether this was also the vessel’s commissioning date, but it is possible that it was. The vessel underwent sea trials between 28 November and 1 December this year. However, it has not yet left the shipyard (on Wednesday evening, 27 December).

The new vessel in Chipolbrok’s fleet has a 62,000 deadweight tonnage, 199.90m in overall length, 32.26m in breadth, and a draft of 13.50m. It has five holds with a total capacity of 75,000 m². Four loading cranes on the port side can – in tandem – lift cargoes of up to 300 tonnes.

Chipolbrok (Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Company) is the managing shipowner and operator of the vessel. It is also responsible for the vessel’s technical and probably crew management. On the other hand, the ship’s operator (owner) and the registered owner is Shengsi Pusheng Shipping Co. We have not been able to ascertain whether this is an external entity or a subsidiary of Chipolbrok, but from a preliminary inquiry, there are no links between this company and Chipolbrok. The Yu An vessel will likely be on a long-term bareboat charter with Chipolbrok.

Yu An is the fifth vessel of a similar design in Chipolbrok’s fleet, with 62,000 dwt.

Yu An was built by Taizhou shipyard Kouan Shipbuilding Co Ltd of Taizhou under build number TK2202. The shipowner (Shengsi Pusheng Shipping Co) has another vessel of the same design ordered from the same shipyard under build number TK2203, with an expected delivery date from the shipyard in March 2024.


Source: PortalMorski.pl

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