Wind energy in Poland – a new deal at the PWEA2023 conference in Serock

The liberalization of the 10H Act and the progressive work on offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea allow the wind industry to look to the future with optimism. However, there are still many issues and challenges that need to be worked out among experts and policymakers. The direction of the unravelling energy transition based on wind power and the RES sector as a whole will be the subject of this year’s PWEA2023 Conference on June 20-22 in Serock.

The government has been steadily declaring the need to move away from fossil resources and transform Poland’s energy mix to a green, RES-based one. The energy policy updated in April (PEP2040) calls for a fourfold increase in power from RES: 68 per cent of installed capacity in the National Electricity System and more than 50 per cent of the share of electricity production. Offshore wind power is to account for 5.9 GW in 2030 and 18 GW in 2040. On land, it is expected to be 14 GW in 2030 and 20 GW in 2040.

This is the best time to verify the intentions of politicians and confront their plans with current actions in the market. Wind energy offers an opportunity to meet the demand for emission-free, attractively priced electricity, for which demand is steadily increasing.

The most important challenges and developments in the wind industry in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe will be presented at this year’s PWEA Conference in Serock. The Polish Wind Energy Association’s event attracts more and more interest each year. This is evidence of the growing role of the wind industry in carrying out the country’s inevitable energy transition. The conference allows the most important topics to be raised in the forum, providing an opportunity to develop common solutions beneficial to wind energy and the entire RES sector.

– This year we will talk about the prospects and opportunities for Poland to unlock onshore wind and the challenges the industry faces in the context of offshore. One thing is certain – the Polish wind market is accelerating and will only accelerate. There will be no shortage of topics on the carbon footprint, rising electricity bills, energy storage or the operation of Polish power grids. During the conference there will be premieres of reports that will present in detail the behind-the-scenes of wind energy and estimate the real potential of wind in Poland,” mentions Janusz Gajowiecki, president of the Polish Wind Energy Association.

Discussions at the PWEA2023 Conference will be dominated by expert analyses and debates among participants on the impact of wind energy on the Polish economy. The role of wind in the implementation of the European Green Deal and national decarbonization ambitions will be discussed. Every year, the Conference will be attended by representatives of companies from all over Europe, including developers, investors, component manufacturers or representatives of the energy distribution sector, as well as industry associations.

– We firmly believe in the sense of a substantive debate on the vision of Poland’s energy policy, which is crucial for independence, energy security, or climate protection. It is also an undertaking of a technological revolution for the 21st century. Poland should both participate in this process on an equal footing with other European countries, and at the same time strengthen its energy security. Today, we find ourselves in a complicated geopolitical and economic situation, and today we need to answer the question of what is the direction of our country’s development for the next years, but also decades. We cannot fail to see this as an opportunity, but we also need to do our part to make this goal real and achievable, and this is what we will be working on during the PWEA 2023 Conference,” adds Janusz Gajowiecki, president of the Polish Wind Energy Association.

This will be a unique opportunity to meet and exchange views of representatives of the state administration, who are responsible for regulating and shaping the rules of the wind energy market in Poland, with representatives of companies that invest in the development of green energy.

The PWEA2023 conference will be held June 20-22 in Serock.



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