Personnel for offshore wind energy from the University of Gdansk

Bearing in mind that a challenge for the Pomeranian region in the coming years will be the development of a new economic sector associated with offshore wind energy (OWE), the Centre for Sustainable Development in collaboration with the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography organized on 17 March 2022 at the Faculty of Chemistry the first in a series meeting entitled “University of Gdansk educates personnel for offshore wind energy” with representatives of science and business.

The event was aimed at presenting the educational offer of the University of Gdansk, in particular the concept of the course dedicated to the offshore wind energy industry – Applied Physical Oceanography.

The participants were welcomed by Professor Krzysztof Bielawski, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gdansk for Innovation and Co-operation with the Socio-Economic Environment, and Dr Waldemar Surosz, Professor UG, Dean of the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography.

The main point of the meeting was to present the offer of the University of Gdansk. Dr Sylwia Mrozowska, Prof. UG, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development presented information about the Coordinating Council for Offshore Wind Energy.

Aleksandra Dudkowska, PhD, Head of the Department of Physical Oceanography at the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography, and Jakub Idczak, PhD, of the Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis Laboratory, presented the offer and research-educational potential of the UG WOiG in the field of physical oceanography.

Next, Dorota Pyć, PhD, Professor of UG, Head of the Chair of Maritime Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration and coordinator of the “Education for Sustainable Development” program at the UG Regional Department of Law, presented postgraduate studies “Education for Sustainable Development: Offshore Wind Energy”.

In the second part of the meeting with representatives of the offshore wind business, focus research was conducted focusing on the question: “what knowledge, skills, competencies in physical oceanography are needed in the marine economy?”.

The discussion was led by Dr Elżbieta Czapka – sociologist, coordinator of the International Cooperation Programme at the Centre for Sustainable Development UG.



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