We met the best sailors of Pomerania


Piotr Adamowicz is a Pomeranian sailor of the year 2019, Zuzanna Rybicka a sailor and Paweł Solecki a trainer. On Monday, December 9th, the 11th Pomeranian Sailing Gala took place in the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre.

Every year during the gala, the Pomeranian Sailing Association (PZŻ) “Crystal Sail” Awards are presented to the best sailors, sailors, coaches, clubs and events of the passing sailing season in Pomerania. It was no different this time. The best sailor of 2019 was Piotr Adamowicz (AKM Gdańsk), the best sailor, Zuzanna Rybicka (ChKŻ) and the best coach Paweł Solecki (UKS Navigo Sopot).

In the “Pomeranian Sailing Educator of the Year 2019” category, Sławomir Wierzchowski (Yacht Club Stal Gdynia) won: for raising the youngest sailors in Yacht Club Stal Gdynia, Jolanta Gołuńska and Bogdan Gliniecki (GKM LOK Gdańsk) for conducting sailing classes in the Youth Palace in Gdańsk and the Maritime Education Programme in Gdańsk.

The most talented youngest sailors in Pomerania in 2019 were recognized as the most talented: Julia Damasiewicz (SKŻ Ergo Hestia Sopot), Kamil Manowiecki (SKŻ Ergo Hestia Sopot) and Michał Krasodomski (KS AZS AWFiS Gdańsk). Apart from the statuette, they received a thousand zlotys each.

The title of the Pomeranian sailing event of 2019 was awarded to: international O’pen Skiff – Ergo Hestia EuroChallenge regatta, a series of two-seater Off-Short Racing regatta and a series of Polish Sea Sailing Championships – loners (organized by Jachtklub Morski Roda), two-seater crews (Start-Up Paweł Wilkowski) and multi-seater crews (Gdańsk Sports Centre).

The Pomeranian sailing cruise of 2019 turned out to be a polar expedition on Lady Dan’s yacht 44 “Ice Lands – Russian Arctic 2019” and cruises for the disabled run by the Empatia Foundation.

The Pomeranian sailing club of the year 2019, for the highest level of sailing club work, remained: YKP Gdynia, KS AZS AWFiS Gdańsk – Sailing Section and Port of Mechelinki Association.

The Crystal Sail in the “Friend of Pomeranian Sailing of the Year 2019” category, for supporting Pomeranian sailing, was awarded to the Foundation for the Development of Polish Sailing Regatta, Gdańsk Sports Centre, Sopot Volunteer Resort, Dalmor Property Management Sp. z o.o. and Gdynia Maritime School.

President of PoZŻ Bogusław Witkowski granted special awards to journalists supporting Pomeranian sailing: Krzysztof Szczypior (TVP 3 Gdańsk), Anna Rębas (Radio Gdańsk), Włodzimierz Machnikowski (Radio Gdańsk), Marek Zwierza (“Żagle”) and Cezary Spigarski (officynamorska.pl). The same award was given to Wiesław Piotrzkowski, Director of the Maritime Office in Gdynia.

The Pomeranian Sailing Gala was also a pretext for awarding many other distinctions and medals. It was handed over by the President of the Polish Sailing Association Tomasz Chamera, the editor-in-chief of “Żagli” Waldemar Heflich, the President of the Sea and River League Andrzej Królikowski and the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship Mieczysław Struk. The President of the Gdansk Sailing Federation, Andrzej Załucki, was the winner of this year’s South Baltic Cup classification.

The gala officially ended the 2019 Pomeranian sailing season (more information about which can be read in the “Hals” yearbook), but began the celebration of the centenary of Poland’s wedding to the sea, which falls next year. For this reason, the participants of the event had the opportunity to see three films dedicated to this subject, specially commissioned by the Polish Armed Forces.

Text: Tomasz Falba / zeglarski.info
Photo: Tadeusz Lademann /zeglarski.info

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