Video Highlights of Polish Maritime Industries


In 2015, revenues in the shipbuilding sector in Poland exceeded 11 billion zloty. Out of 5.7 billion zloty generated by companies from the Association of Polish Maritime Industries FORUM OKRĘTOWE, 4.7 billion zloty are attributed to the shipbuilding sector.

In 2015, Polish shipyards provided freighters with seven fully equipped vessels and floating objects.

Companies in Poland also manufactured ship hulls, sections, blocks and superstructures for foreign partners. In 2015, they supplied foreign companies with more than 20 hulls, with a further 55 new ones ordered towards the end of the year.

Some chosen and the most interesting newbuildings, repairs, offshore conversions and other projects executed in Poland have been presented in a video review: “Highlights of Polish Maritime Industries, September 2015 – October 2016”, below.


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