This is how the new Polish Ro-Pax is created

The construction of the first Ro-Pax ferry at the Remontowa Shiprepair Yard has entered the fitting-out phase. The production of hull blocks for ferry number two has started, and a few days ago, with the cutting of the first plates, the construction of ferry number three began. The project is on schedule.

Production of the first Ro-Pax ferry, to be operated by Unity Line of the Polsteam company (construction number 101), began at Poland’s largest shipyard on 24 October 2022 with the cutting of the first steel. The 11,000 tonnes hull comprises six blocks plus seven superstructure blocks.

Construction of the hull of the first vessel took ten months. The shipyard carried out it in cooperation with cooperating partners (Remontowa Shipbuilding, Holm Construction, Wisła Shipyard, Montex and Marine Projects). The individual blocks were transported to the shipyard, and here, with the help of the technology developed at Remontowa to merge the hull parts using docking infrastructure, they were joined together into a single unit.

Each superstructure block weighs more than 200 tonnes, except the bow and wheelhouse, which are lighter. The ferry superstructure foundation and assembly operation was carried out with the support of two floating cranes and towing teams. This solution enabled this task to be performed in a time-efficient and cost-optimised way using the shipyard’s resources.


At the same time, the shipyard and subcontractors began building hull blocks from completed space sections for the second ferry (NB 102), which will follow the same production path as its predecessor. The hull of the second Polish Ro-Pax will be launched this year. Meanwhile, on 15 January this year, construction of the third ferry, with construction number 103, started at the Remontowa Shiprepair Yard, with the first steel cutting.



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