PGZ SW tested Wicher frigate engine

PGZ Shipyard, in conjunction with the manufacturer, has completed factory testing of the MTU 20V8000M71 engine intended for the first of three Swordfish frigates.

The trials were carried out at the Rolls-Royce Solutions test stand in Friedrichshafen, under the supervision of representatives of the Lloyd’s Register Classification Society, GQAR military supervision, employees of PGZ Naval Shipyard and PGZ SA as well as the Ruda Commercial Office and the Manufacturer.

The full factory test programme ended with the signing of the FAT protocol. This means that all technical parameters and functionalities of the 8200 kW engine meet the high requirements set by the Polish Navy and the PGZ Naval Shipyard which ordered it. According to the schedule, the factory test cycle of all main propulsion engines, as well as engines for power generators, will be completed in May.

The engine weighs 45.3t “dry” and over 47.6t “wet”. Its dimensions are 6.65 x 2.04 x 3.37 m. The contract, signed in December 2023, provides for the delivery of three MTU 20V8000 M71 main propulsion diesel engine sets (four for each of the three frigates) and MTU 12V4000 M53B generator sets (also four each). Along with these, MTU control and monitoring systems were also purchased.


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