The number of Polish companies that want to build offshore wind farms in the Baltic is growing

– Polish companies are an extremely important link in our supply chain. We want there to be as many such links in it as possible,” say representatives of Equinor and Polenergia. The investors, who are jointly implementing offshore wind farm projects in the Baltic Sea, organised a Supplier Day for domestic entrepreneurs. The event, held on World Wind Day in Łódź, was attended by around 200 representatives of Polish companies.

The Supplier’s Day is another initiative of the investors aimed at Polish companies that want to participate in the construction of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea. It is also another event entirely dedicated to cooperation with national companies for a specific part of the wind farm – this time the power infrastructure.

Its main contractor, for the Baltic II and Baltic III projects jointly implemented by Equinor and Polenergia, is Hitachi Energy. The company will be responsible for the design of the offshore and onshore electricity infrastructure for both wind farms, system analyses, as well as the supply of equipment for the offshore substations and the turnkey construction of the onshore substations.

There is room in this new sector of the economy not only for companies from Pomerania, but also from the hinterland, which is why this time the Supplier’s Day was held in Łódź, where Hitachi has its production facility. The event was attended by companies from all over Poland, whose products and services can be used, among other things, in the design and execution of the electrical installation of the 1.44 GW Baltic II and Baltic III offshore wind farms.

– Meetings of this kind create an ideal space for Polish suppliers to establish business relationships, who want to join our projects in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea and become part of the global supply chain for offshore wind. That is why we are glad that another Supplier Day attracted even more Polish companies that see an opportunity to strengthen their competences and increase their revenues in the promising offshore wind sector,” says Bjørn Ivar Bergemo, Project Director Baltic II and III, representing Equinor at the meeting in Łódź.

The format of the meeting made it possible to establish contact and direct dialogue between an established international company such as Hitachi Energy and domestic sub-suppliers. At the meeting, Polish entrepreneurs learnt, among other things, about the investment schedule, the scope of innovation and competence sought, standards and requirements, how to apply and the conditions to be met in order to enter the pool of potential suppliers and participate in the process of offshore wind energy development.



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