Equinor and Polenergia with contracts to design foundations for Baltic II and III offshore wind farms

Equinor and Polenergia have signed final agreements for the design of foundations for the Baltic II and Baltic III projects being developed by both companies in the Baltic Sea. The development of the design documentation for the locations of the two offshore wind farms, including the detailed design of the foundations, has been entrusted to Rambøll. The signed agreements are another step in the realisation of an investment of strategic importance for Poland’s energy security.

Rambøll is a Danish-originated international consulting, engineering and design group with many years of experience in the area of offshore wind farms. The agreements with Equinor and Polenergia form the basis for Rambøll’s engineering services for the 100 monopile offshore wind farms Baltic II and III and will remain in force throughout the construction period of both farms.

“This is another milestone for our offshore wind farm projects, which are expected to deliver green energy from renewable sources to the Polish grid as early as 2027. With the signed agreement, we are getting closer to the moment of the final investment decision and the implementation of the Bałtyk II and Bałtyk III projects. As one of the first wind farms in the Baltic Sea, our wind farms will significantly contribute to Poland’s energy security. We are pleased to be able to actively participate in the energy transformation of our country,” – says Michał Jerzy Kołodziejczyk, CEO of Equinor in Poland.

The Bałtyk II and Bałtyk III offshore wind farms, with a total capacity of 1440 MW, will be located in the Polish exclusive economic zone of the Baltic Sea, between 22 and 37 km from the coastline. Once suppliers of all structural components have been contracted and the necessary permits have been obtained, the implementation phase will begin.

“The construction and commissioning of our wind farms in the Baltic Sea are fast approaching. The signed contract is further proof of the advancement of the projects we are developing together. Polenergia and Equinor are creating sources of renewable energy on a scale so far unprecedented in Poland’s history. Our offshore projects are some of the largest wind farms being developed in this part of Europe. The Bałtyk II and Bałtyk III projects alone will supply more than 2 million households with green energy.
to more than 2 million households. This means a massive acceleration of the energy transition and thus a huge support for the Polish economy,” – says Jerzy Zan, CEO of Polenergia SA.

The first energy from the Bałtyk II and III wind farms is expected to flow into the grid as early as 2027. The commercial phase of their use is planned from 2028. In the next phase of offshore wind energy development in Poland, Equinor and Polenergia are developing the Bałtyk I project with a capacity of up to 1560 MW, which will be about 80 km from the shore.

Source: PortalMorski.pl

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