The next edition of the exercise code-named Renegade/Sarex-23 is launched

From Wednesday, tactical and special exercises under the code name Renegade/Sarex-23 will be held throughout Poland. As communicated by the head of the press department of the Operational Command of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Jacek Goryszewski, during the exercises there will be episodes connected, among other things, with air and sea rescue.

From 17 to 26 May 2023, tactical and special exercises codenamed Renegade/Sarex-23 will be held across the country. The exercises will be conducted in several provinces, on varied terrain, including mountainous terrain, forested terrain, inland and sea waters.

According to the head of the press department of the Armed Forces Operations Command, Lt Col Jacek Goryszewski, seven episodes related to air and sea rescue and airspace security will take place during the exercises across the country. He added that the exercises will include various scenarios.

– There will be one Renegade-type episode, four ASAR-type episodes, one MSAR-type episode and one CSAR-type episode, he pointed out. He pointed out that ASAR (Air Serach and Rescue) is the conduct of search and rescue operations in various environments, including the land area. – We will have one episode in an urbanised area and one over a body of water and in a heavily forested area, i.e. in hard-to-reach terrain, and another in a mountainous area with a lot of forest and an extensive body of water – we are talking about Solina, he said.

He added that an MSAR-type episode is a maritime episode, which will be located in the Gulf of Gdansk, while CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue) is a search and rescue operation after an airborne incident, where terrorist or diversionary groups are expected to be active.

Renegade, on the other hand, is the term used to describe the possibility of using an aircraft for an aerial terrorist attack. One of the episodes of this exercise will be played in Kalisz, where soldiers, and emergency services, including the Air Rescue Service and a military helicopter will appear on the streets of the city and in the air space on Saturday.

– Actions will be taken as in the case of an actual incident, and the city will be an active participant, announced Katarzyna Ciupek, a spokeswoman for the Kalisz city hall.

Exercises will also take place, among others, in the area of the Lagoon in Kobyla Góra (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship).

As part of the exercises, alarm sirens may also sound in many places in the country.

Renegade/Sarex is an annual tactical and special exercise in the field of counteracting terrorist threats from the air and conducting search and rescue actions on land and sea areas organised by the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces (DO RSZ). In addition to the DO RSZ with its subordinate centres and centres, it is attended by, among others, the General Command of the RSZ with its subordinate military units, the Military Police, the WOT, the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, the Police, the Border Guard, the State Fire Service, the Maritime Search and Rescue Service and the Air Rescue Service.

Renegade/Sarex has been organised since 2008.



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