The newest ship in Unibaltic fleet for the first time in Poland

Alvanith chemical tanker in Gdynia

On Sunday, 13 June this year, the newest acquisition of the Cypriot shipowner with Szczecin roots and ship management – Unibaltic – called at the Polish port for the first time. The chemical tanker Alvanith moored in Gdynia at Szwedzki Quay shortly before noon yesterday. This is probably a technical stop before the next cargo dispatch.

The ship’s first cargo was sunflower oil loaded in Romania and delivered to a terminal near London, UK, from where, after unloading on 6-7 June, the ship, under ballast, made its first trip to a Polish port.

The Turkish shipyard handed over the vessel to the Polish-Cypriot shipowner with a serious delay due to a coronavirus outbreak.

The vessel was launched in March 2020. Originally, the handover was planned for June last year, and later announced for the beginning of this year. Eventually the chemical tanker was formally handed over on 11 May 2021 and left the Turkish shipyard shortly afterwards.

The chemical tanker’s 12-person crew consists mainly of Poles, but there are also three Ukrainians in the row crew.
The vessel, owned by Cypriot company Unibaltic Holdings Ltd, is managed by Unibaltic Sp z o.o. from Szczecin.


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