The first NOXa loading in the history of Grupa Azoty and the first in a Polish port

delivery of NOXa

As announced by Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne “Police” SA – in the oldest existing part of the Szczecin shipyard, near the Odra Nowa slipway, on Friday, 23 April, the first delivery of NOXa to a ship in the history of Grupa Azoty and the first in the Polish port took place.

The product, used in the process of selective catalytic reduction of exhaust gases, was delivered in a total of 30 tonnes in two tankers to the ship Barbara (ex Moon Step), which is undergoing repairs at the quay of the Szczecin Industrial Park / Szczecin Shipyard Wulkan.

According to Grupa Azoty ZCh Police in a message published on its profile in one of the social networking sites – previously the NOXy product was delivered to ships only in the ports of Western Europe.

Air pollution caused by excessive atmospheric emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon oxides (CO) by diesel engines can be reduced by, among others, selective catalytic reduction technology – SCR. SCR technology uses a 32.5% urea solution, known as AdBlue, to reduce and thus clean the exhaust gases of harmful nitrogen oxides into non-toxic compounds.

NOXy is Grupa Azoty’s solution containing AdBlue. NOXy is a mixture of technically pure urea and demineralised water. The 32.5% urea solution is non-toxic, colourless, odourless (periodically with a slight smell of ammonia), safe for the environment and environmentally friendly.

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