The Baltic Hub has handled its 20-millionth container

Baltic Hub

Not so far back, two years ago, Baltic Hub celebrated handling 15 million TEUs since its establishment. The company has reached another milestone, increasing the figure to 20 million TEUs (20-foot containers), confirming its position as the largest container terminal in the Baltic Sea.

This achievement results from Baltic Hub’s comprehensive approach and commitment to improving its services. The terminal’s distinctive features, such as a quay depth of 17 meters and world-class efficiency in container handling, give it the status of a true hub that handles the largest container ships in the world.

The terminal’s dynamic growth results from the company’s constant infrastructure and modern equipment investment. Since its inauguration in 2007, Baltic Hub has handled more than 20 million TEUs. The transhipment of the 20-millionth container, owned by Danish shipowner MAERSK, was reported on 27.09.2023. Only in 2022 the Baltic Hub handled more than 2 million TEUs.

– This is another milestone in the development of Baltic Hub and a huge success on the international stage. We are delighted with the result and would like to thank our customers who consistently choose our services. Each of these 20 million containers handled is a symbol of the trust they have in us. We also cannot forge the contribution of our employees. We sincerely appreciate and thank all who have contributed to this achievement – informed Charles Baker, CEO of Baltic Hub.

To better understand the scope of this achievement, it’s worth just looking at the numbers – 20 million containers would create a route of about 120,000 kilometres, which on a comparative scale is three laps of the Earth around the equator.

Keeping up with growing demands and keeping in mind development plans, Baltic Hub continues to implement ambitious investment programs. One of the key projects is the expansion of the T3 terminal, which includes the construction of a new deep-water quay to handle ocean container ships. The investment will also include the construction of a manoeuvring and storage yard with an operational area of 36.5 hectares. Baltic Hub will increase its handling capacity to 4.5 TEUs per year upon completion.


About Baltic Hub:

Baltic Hub is Poland’s largest and fastest-growing container terminal and the only deepwater terminal in the Baltic Sea. It connects Asia, the European Union with Poland, the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe, and the entire Baltic Sea. The largest ships in the world, which are departing from the Far East, arrive at the Baltic Hub. The company handles Polish imports, exports and transit and competes with German, Dutch and Belgian ports. With excellent connections to its destinations, the Baltic Hub is a natural gateway for goods from the world, not only for Poland but for all of Central and Eastern Europe.


Source: Baltic Hub

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